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Why Exactly 99?

99 is a nice round number - almost. And these stories are also nicely rounded out and complete - almost!

In each, there is room for interpretation and the opportunity to add your own meaning. Since you can't be expected to read between the lines if all the lines are filled, I'll leave the "last word" in each story to you!

Whether you find a story you love or hate, please your reaction!



99-Word Stories by ,
Creative Learning Director of
The Flirefly Group.
© 2017 Brian Remer
Updated Apr. 2017

What are 99-Word Stories?

99-Word Stories are powerful essays written briefly and to the point. Each contains a meaningful message with enough wiggle room for your own interpretation. Whether you use them for your own enjoyment, or the enrichment of your work team, what you think!

What would you like to do?

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For April 2017
Happiness: Choose your mood
Without question, our moods are influenced by the individuals and circumstances that surround us. With that in mind, how much can we expect to affect our own happiness? Are we subject to the whims of fate or can we take control of our own mood. Strike up a conversation with your team about happiness and how to create a positive spiral toward success with the story, discussion questions, and interpretation in this issue of 99's on the 9th.

Power Tip: Look for signs of growth and positive change to improve your attitude and create more options to reach your goals.

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