Words of Wisdom for
Leadership, Learning, and Life in
Exactly 99 Words

Say It Quick!

Table of Contents

Why Say It Quick?

Part One:
99 Stories of 99 Words

Part Two:
What To Do 99

1. Group Teach
2. Story Swap
3. State Your Case
4. Identify the Imposter
5. The Last Word
6. Race to the Finish
7. Domino Theory
8. Half Baked
9. The Beginning and the End
10. Just the Middle
11. Lead the Discussion
12. Responsive Writing
13. Time Trap
14. Author, Author!
15. In Context
16. Adapt and Thrive
17. Can You Relate?
18. Multiple Connections
19. Read in Tandem
20. Sunday Morning Chuckle
21. Illustrate Your Point
22. Be a Mentor

Part Three:
How To Write 99

Index to 99-Word Stories


99-Word Stories by ,
Creative Learning Director of
The Flirefly Group.
© 2014 Brian Remer
Updated Oct. 2014

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Say It Quick!
99-Word Stories About Leadership, Learning, and Life
by Brian Remer

Say It Quick! is a collection of micro stories that take ordinary situations and turn them into teachable moments. Use them for personal enjoyment, the enrichment of your work team, or to enhance your training program.

With a foreword by Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, Section One of Say It Quick! has 99 stories that each are exactly 99 words in length. Every story delivers a thoughtful message about being a leader, learning better, or about life.

In addition to the stories, Section Two contains instructions for more than twenty activities that use the stories to enhance learning for teams, classes, coaching and mentoring, or for personal growth.

Engage your creative urge in Section Three with tips and tricks for writing your own 99-Word Stories. Use the same techniques to improve the effectiveness of your public speaking.

(Paperback, 191 Pages, Published by Workshops by Thiagi)

Say It Quick! is available now!
$25 plus shipping and handling.


What people are saying about Say It Quick!


If Aesop was a management guru today, this is the book he'd write.
--John Nirenberg, Professor of Leadership, Walden University and author of Power Tools: A Leader's Guide to the Latest Management Thinking


99 words about Say it Quick!
It's surprising how much inspiration, insight, and genuinely thought-provoking ideas can be conveyed in 99 words. Each quick read is a gem, sparkling with common sense wisdom, inviting reflection.

It's equally surprising to discover how many ways these little stories can help people exercise their own common sense wisdom, to engage each other in deep, revealing conversation.

Maybe, like Twitter, the somewhat arbitrary restriction of 99 words stimulates people to reach for something even more clearly stated. To, Say it Quick: it works for me and it will do the same for you.
--Bernie DeKoven, FUNCoach and author of The Well-Played Game and Junkyard Sports


A real trainer's treasure!
When do you ever get a great new method, 99 examples of it to use, 22 different ways to use it, and a tutorial on how to create your examples in one tidy volume? Believe me, you'll love this book! I had to write my own 99 before I could write a review. It is that compelling!
--Judee Blohm, cross-cultural educator, training consultant, and author of Where in the World are You Going?


Brian has created a new haiku of 99 words.
While reviewing Brian's book one of my team members was stressed over getting something done perfectly. I saw a story here that captured her distress with acceptance and humor. We read it together and worked through the concern.

Use this book of small treasures for reflection, one-on-one talks, or a launching point for training. Session designs are included. Try challenging yourself to clarity in 99 words.

Speaking 99 words takes 45 seconds. In network advertising that could cost a million dollars. This book costs less and is worth much more.
--Chris Saeger, performance improvement consultant and active learning specialist

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Talk Quick!
99-Word Stories to
Spark Discission about
Common Management Issues
by Brian Remer

Talk Quick! is a collection of group discussion starters designed to inspire meaningful conversations about important management issues.

Formatted for optimal use on desk top or mobile devices, this eBook combines 99-Word Stories, color graphics, discussion questions, and short essays in an easy-to-use volume. Managers, team leaders, and coaches will find practical tools and suggestions to lead their group in substantive conversations that lead to change.

Talk Quick! includes a dozen 99-Word Stories cross referenced to important topics such as Change, Collaboration, Diversity, Motivation, Success, and more. With tips for facilitation, this eBook provides everything you need to lead a conversation in continuous learning.
(12 Discussion Activities, 33 pages, Cross Referenced, $10)

Talk Quick! is available now!
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