Words of Wisdom for
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"It's surprising how much inspiration, insight, and genuinely thought-provoking ideas can be conveyed in 99 words."

--Bernie DeKoven, FUNCoach




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Learn: Four-part interview of Brian Remer by Glenn Hughes of SMART as Hell


April 2018 - Peer Pressure: It's not just for kids

March 2018 - Fall for Success: Controlled Failure

February 2018 - Great Groups: Make them sing

January 2018 - Please, Go Practice: Motivate with Trust, Choice, and Feedback


December 2017 - Self-Distraction: Missing the real point

November 2017 - Watching and Waiting: Thinking about Time

October 2017 - Friending: Relationships that bond and bridge

September 2017 - Reciprocity: The strength of informal trust

August 2017 - Confined: Creativity when hands are tied

July 2017 - Glitch: What's your "goof" default mode?

June 2017 - Trick Perceptions: Under the Influence of Emotions

May 2017 - A Father's Choice: Bad Ideas; Better Decisions

April 2017 - Happiness: Choose your mood

March 2017 - Wants and Needs: What influences your choices?

February 2017 - Personal Issues: Bad Habits and Fitting In

January 2017 - Simply Exact: Brevity Can be Better


December 2016 - An Empty Desk: Procrastinate for Productivity

November 2016 - On a Roll: Initiating Obvious Changes

October 2016 - The Day Squandered: Leadership through self-disclosure

September 2016 - In Sight: The hidden value of loss

August 2016 - Missed Messages: Avoid serving spam

July 2016 - Threats: That's not what I meant!

June 2016 - Life Lessons: Actions speak loudest

May 2016 - Surprise Potential: Discover your special knack

April 2016 - Being Verbose: When shorter is better

March 2016 - Oops! Go ahead and make a mistake

February 2016 - Ask Stupid Questions: A great way to increase expertise

January 2016 - High Expectations: Pressured to be Perfect


December 2015 - Get the Feeling: Don't wait to choose your mood

November 2015 - Heartfelt Giving: The source of generosity

October 2015 - Left Out Cold: To Include or Not?

September 2015 - Reboot: Don't be a hero, just walk away

August 2015 - Digitally Dumber: Dealing with Stupid Systems

July 2015 - Always in Crisis: Putting Out Fires

June 2015 - Room to Wiggle: Fifty Shades of...

May 2015 - Crash Friendship: Fight, flight, or friend?

April 2015 - Doing the Dishes: Dealing with Project Scope Creep

March 2015 - Got Enough Time? Focus your attention

February 2015 - Faster Than... The Rumor mill in high gear

January 2015 - The Passing Lane: Do we have a problem here?


December 2014 - Focus of Attention: Manage Distractions top to bottom

November 2014 - Writer's Block: Work now or work later?

October 2014 - Your Center: Source of postive teams and communities

September 2014 - Imagination: A way to control your attitude

August 2014 - Confidence: Making a difference with your skills and talents

July 2014 - Location, Location, Location: What's a weed; what's not?

June 2014 - All Dressed Up: Appearances and deeper meaning

May 2014 - Good Grief! Good ideas for increasing your creativity footprint

April 2014 - Ignorance Is... not always a bad thing

March 2014 - Competition's Curse: Defining success for yourself

February 2014 - Tired of Retirement: A purpose-filled life

January 2014 - Corroded Comparisons: Promoting organizational creativity


December 2013 - Stay Inside the Lines: The Need to Please

November 2013 - The Need to Talk: Clear the Air for Productivity

October 2013 - Culture Crash: Old Habits Die Hard

September 2013 - How Big is Home? Building Social Capital

August 2013 - Deficit or Asset? Annoying people and irritating behavior

July 2013 - Being Present: Focused in the Moment

June 2013 - Motion Sickness: A Healthier Way to Drive for Success

May 2013 - The Accidental Leader: Simultaneous leading and following.

April 2013 - Trash or Treasure: Identifiying what's important.

March 2013 - Being the Crowd: Who creates a problem; Who solves it?

February 2013 - On the Move: A foundation of rock that rolls.

January 2013 - Choose Chaos: Total confusion means maximum potential.


December 2012 - Who Knew? Some change happens in a split second.

November 2012 - Teaching a Lesson: It's the little things that count.

October 2012 - Too Much Talk: Teach more by talking less

September 2012 - Limits: In fact, we create - and change - our own!

August 2012 - Wasting Work Time: What's the cost of a coffee break?

July 2012 - Turn Right to Go Left: To get results, choose the opposite

June 2012 - Seeing the Big Picture: Why too much detail does not always help

May 2012 - What's Fair? Surfacing Issues; Sharing Assumptions

April 2012 - Creating Change: Satisfying the desire for something different

March 2012 - Taking a Stand: What's best for productive meetings?

February 2012 - Empowerment Dance: Why it's difficult to share power

January 2012 - What's Your Contribution? Work gets done by those who choose to show up


December 2011 - The Best Holiday: Choose to be motivated

November 2011 - Change Recipe: Make it as smooth as butter

October 2011 - Whose Fault?: Placing blame is a very sticky job

September 2011 - The Slow Learner: Why it takes so long to "catch on"

August 2011 - 100,000 Teachers: Finding expertise all around you

July 2011 - Looking and Finding: Choose your perception

June 2011 - Open for Business: What's really holding back our progress

May 2011 - Built to Last: Insight from the Incans




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